Skills Profile Tool 

Identifying Entrepreneurial Skills

This section is intended to help refugees and migrants willing to participate in the 9Conversations training on “How to start a personal or small business”. You can identify your professional and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills needed:

  • By using the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals to record your general qualifications and professional skills
  • By completing a 9Conversations Questionnaire in order to record more specific entrepreneurial Knowledge and skills
EU Skills Profile Tool

The EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals is a free online tool developed by DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion as part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe which was adopted by the Commission on June 2016.

The 9Conversations Questionnaire was developed in the context of the 9Conversations project, as an amendment to the EU Skills Profile, in order to help identify additional entrepreneurial skills.

The EU Profile Tool and the 9Conversations Questionnaire can be used either:

  • By yourself: Using the EU Profile Tool you can record and present your formal and informal qualifications, skills and experiences and prepare a kind of professional profile or CV. This profile/CV is well understood across the whole European Union which means that it can be very helpful for you in contacting local authorities, education and training providers and for job seeking. Answering the 9Conversations questionnaire you will be able to understand your level of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, which are needed to start a business and will help with your training.
  • Together with an organisation offering assistance to third country nationals. These organisations include, at a first level national authorities, reception centers for refugees and NGOs and at a second level services for education and training guidance and employment assistance. It is advisable to approach such an organisation since a very important part of the 9Conversations training is meeting people locally who can help you with your own business idea.

Please first complete the EU Profile and then the 9Conversations Questionnaire