The Training Program 

To achieve the above goal, an on-demand e-learning training package will be developed, which can be completed by refugees either personally or preferably in small teams face-to-face. The approach to be followed will be to encourage participants to learn by communicating with local business consulting services and where feasible, with financial and legal experts. This will contribute to the development of professional networks deprived of refugees as well as to the provision of essential knowledge for starting a small business.

The above e-learning package, the relevant accompanying manual-user guide as well as the pilot application and testing are of the main deliverables of the project. The analysis of the requirements of the training package and its pilot implementation will be attempted in collaboration with refugee supporting organisations and structures in the Member States represented in the project. Upon completion of the project, the training material and the accompanying user guide will be available to the relevant refugee support agencies of the partner countries of the project and more widely to EU member states